Waves (PSA)

w/Mike McGee $1050 (4:50)

High A

"Waves” is a show that comes in many mature, musical layers. The main through line are the sonar pings that pop up here and there along with visual ripples, water droplets, ocean waves, radio frequencies, and much more. Mvt. 1 is about physical sonar pings and ripples. Mvt. 2 is about tuning in to find our right frequencies. Mvt. 3 is all about ocean waves as they crash with intensity from light to heavy on the shore. The last moment of the show gives your ensemble an opportunity to pull a giant, blue fabric over the ensemble as it roars across the floor and crashes down on the last note. Lots of music and visual GE opportunities.

“Waves” was originally commissioned for La Quinta HS Percussion Ensemble (Westminster, CA) for the winter of 2014 in SCPA.

NOTE: This show highly revolves around an acoustic guitar for thematic


5 Basses
3 Marimbas
3 Vibes
Bells and Chimes
Acoustic Guitar
Bass Guitar
2 Synths
2 Auxiliary


What you get: PDF's of Parts and Percussion/Battery Scores. Recordings including ensemble click and battery tracks. Sampler recording file and/or sorted samples included. Regional ownership for one season.