The Spotlight (PSO)

w/Brian Stockard $1200 (5:25)

High Open Battery. Mid Open Pit.

Every performance is different. It shifts and comes to form by the members who put in the hard work. The fear of entering the spotlight and the anxiety of going on stage….it is what we ask them to do. Once they learn how to let go, the show becomes theirs.

This production brings soloists and all marching members into the spotlight. They embrace the fears and turn it into something special. The highlights of this show include a unified dance in the ballad, multiple light opportunities, and the contemporary sounding music score.

"The Spotlight" was commissioned for Mechanicsburg HS (Mechanicsburg, PA) for their 2016 winter and was a WGI Open Class Finalsit. Was also co-commissioned for Vista HS (Vista, CA) and was an SCPA A Class Finalist.


5 Basses
4 Marimbas
4 Vibes
Bells and Chimes
2 Synths
1 Auxiliary


What you get: PDF's of Parts and Percussion/Battery Scores. Recordings including ensemble click and battery tracks. Sampler recording file and/or sorted samples included. Regional ownership for one season.