The Music Box (PSA)

w/Ezekiel Lanser $1200 (5:07)

The distinguishable sound of a small toy that plays back the simplest of memories. This show is about the playful, calm nature of the music box. But, what happens when the box is closed? This production explores the world that exists inside and outside of the music box. The world we live in can have two faces and everything in between.

SIDENOTE: Show was commissioned for a program w/ a laptop for the Music Box. If you do or do not use a Laptop for your ensemble, contact me with any questions/concerns. 


5 Basses
5 Marimbas
4 Vibes
Bells and Chimes
3 Synths (Synth 3 is a Laptop)
2 Auxiliary

 (PSA) High Pit. High Battery.

What you get: PDF's of Parts and Percussion/Battery Scores. Recordings including ensemble click and battery tracks. Sampler recording file and/or sorted samples included. Regional ownership for one season.