Chef (PSA)

w/Jason Hillegaart $1200 (4:45)

High A PIt. High A Battery.

Dinner service is now open! This show is a delightful production that turns the gym floor into a full working, non-stop kitchen.

“Chef” starts with the morning prep of our restaurant; the chefs start the burners, working in a frenzy, to get their customers fed and happy. The music hints of a Parisian restaurant complete with accordion and quirky flare. Pots and Pans are also banged on as instruments with wooden spoons or any cutlery desired.

Just imagine your kitchen and it’s there. Large stoves, ovens, a fridge, a table for two, maybe even a messy spaghetti and sauce that overflows onto the floor. A ballad moment brings the ensemble out with their aprons in an ensemble dance that is unforgettable. Don’t forget about the trays, dishes, and racks that move everything!

We hope you take this “Chef” from the kitchen into the hearts and stomachs of the audience!

“Chef” was originally commissioned for Temple City HS 2018 Percussion Ensemble (Temple City, CA) and was a WGI A Class Finalist and SCPA A Class Silver Medalist.


5 Basses
3 Marimbas
3 Vibes
2 Synths
2 Auxiliary

Floor Image

What you get: PDF's of Parts and Percussion/Battery Scores. Recordings including ensemble click and battery tracks. Sampler recording file and/or sorted samples included. Regional ownership for one season.