Activity (PSO)

w/Pete Lucero $950

"the earth-shaker is speaking to us...just as he spoke to our forefathers."

"Activity" is a production portraying a volcano and the people that live near it, providing a dark and a high energy show concept with lots of opportunities to showcase your ensemble's musical talents and performance abilities.   Alex Mendoza writes "The violent roar of a once-dormant volcano heralds the arrival of an intensely dark atmosphere" in a review of the show at the 2013 WGI Western Championship, and that's what this show brings to the table. 

The show starts with a rumble and Mvt 1 quickly kicks it into high gear with a strong opening impact and continues on with phrase after phrase of musical explosions, accelerating to more volcanic activity and an aggressive ending.  Mvt 2 changes the mood and becomes somber allowing for a variety of sounds, textures, and timbres, all the while leading up to a sacrifice being made in an attempt to quiet the volcano.  Mvt 3 starts off with a hopeful outlook but that is short lived as the volcanic activity returns and is even stronger (faster) than before providing a high energy closing to the show.  "Activity" will allow you to explore a wide range of performance possibilities in the indoor percussion activity.

Commissioned for Great Oak HS, California where they received 4th in SCPA. 


5 Basses
3 Marimbas
3 Vibes
Bells and Chimes
2 Synths
2 Auxiliary

What you get: PDF's of Parts and Percussion/Battery Scores. Recordings including click tracks and rehearsal click tracks. Sampler recording file and/or sorted samples included. Regional ownership for one season.